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Wedding bands are the symbol of marriage. Therefore picking the right ones is equally important, as the decision about proceeding towards matrimony.

The history of a wedding band is linked inseparably with the engagement ring. The usage of a ring, both when proposing and during matrimony itself seems to be of a very old origin. The ancient Egyptians believed, that the round shape of a ring is a symbol of immortal love. The custom involving rings comes to us from ancient Rome. There it was common to exchange rings as to accentuate the mutual bonds. The rings, because of their spherical shape, don’t have an ending nor the start, therefore are symbols of eternity. The rings put on the left ring finger during the wedding are an assurance and warranty. As a reminder of this important moment in life, the bands can be engraved from the inside with names, dates or a chosen motto.

The choice of wedding bands is never easy and can be a real burden, since the market is so full of designs that one has difficulties in differentiating them all. One jewellery shop or a retailer can offer even couple thousand of designs.

The wedding bands are usually made with gold. But such varieties as titanium or platinum are also available, along with other tones of gold, shapes and styles that create an unique composition.

The search for a desired design usually begins with long hours spent on the Internet. This process inspires us and usually brings us closer to the right choice.

Once we pick up the perfect wedding bands design, the other questions occur:

  • Won’t the gold stop being so shiny after years and years of wearing?
  • If after the wedding my wife will be a perfect cook, what if I’ll need a bigger ring?
  • What will my husband say, if I loose the diamond off my band?
  • If the colour of the band becomes boring, will I be able to change it? I.e. from yellow to white gold?
  • Does the store, where we make the purchase, honour such claims?

All prices stated in our catalogue alongside the band designs are constant for all sizes from 5 to 30 and the weight is stated for the sizes 15 and 25, so be informed that the weight could differ with the ordered sizes accordingly. In case of any additional cuts, engravings, different colours or added items the price will differ. Crafting a band by the customer’s design makes will be priced individually. We offer a cost reduction when working with the customer’s own material.

And now for a pleasant surprise! With every set of wedding bands, there is a bonus gift of a discount voucher with 20% off on the next purchase in our store.

What if we don’t find the desired band in any of the jewellery stores?

Show us the design that won your heart and we will make it for you!

Please send the pictures and links to the bands of your dreams on:                                                  

If you cannot e-mail, please call us at: 22 620 67 66

We will happily answer all inquires regarding wedding bands!

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